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B10 Mediaworx is the scattered brainchild of Elizabeth Beeton. Where it will take her is anybody’s guess, as within its first year, it picked up an imprint, Peculiar Pages, headed up by Eric W Jepson.

No, I (Elizabeth) didn’t have any specific goal in mind when I started out on this project except to publish myself. Yes, yes. It’s true. I am Moriah Jovan. JOvin. Not joVAHN. I hate the name, by the way, but I’ve been going by Mojo/Mojeaux online since 1998, people call me that in real life, and I’m used to it. So I chose a name that would give me the Mo and the jo.

(I wish I’d remembered Jovan Musk cologne before I committed to it, though. I really hate musk. Plus, the packaging is just way too 1970s orange shag rug. Makes me think of swinging. Don’t ask me why. It’s a long story.)

What you need to know now is that Peculiar Pages has always had a vision, while B10 had a vague ambition beyond publishing Moriah Jovan that is now forming into something solid.

Gradually, though, with my continuing involvement in the genre romance community, early encouragement from Eva Gale (romance author), my friendships with Sabrina Darby (romance author) and RJ Keller (women’s fiction author), increasing participation in the Mormon writer scene, with Eric’s friendship and encouragement, along with Tyler Chadwick (poet) and William Morris (brand dude), I am forming up some sort of direction.

I’ll let you know what that is when I figure out how to say it.


  1. David - Reply


    I was given your name (Elizabeth Beeton) by Dan Poynter. I visited your web site and I am in still in need of help.

    I write and illustrate children’s books. With two “ready to go” I have been navigating the self publishing option, which I am convinced is the way for me to go and I want m y books to be compatible with the iPad, but I feel more like I am wading through this world with not a lot of navigation going on.

    Does your company review books and would you provide advice as to which what my net steps should be?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    With Best Regards,

    David Marshall

    David Marshall
    (978) 382-2379

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