B10 Mediaworx and Peculiar Pages

B10 MEDIAWORX was established in 2008 by Elizabeth Beeton (B10 ... Beeton) as a way for her to publish her own books (as Moriah Jovan). She had a vague idea she might publish someone else someday possibly, but ... probably not. Her only real goal with her own books was to make their costs back. After she’d learned how to format her own ebooks, her husband proposed that it could be a service she could provide, but she dreaded the necessity of “selling” those services. Little did she know that all her whining and complaining on Twitter would get her as much attention as it did, and it wasn’t long after she’d published The Proviso that she had her first formatting client.

The seed for PECULIAR PAGES was planted in the very early 2000s when Eric Jepson and his wife thought of all the opportunities to be had in Mormon fiction. They created Peculiar Pages in their minds as a short-story rag, and then sat on it for, oh, eight years maybe. During this time, he realized that his longtime writing group “Fob” had, amongst them, written two short stories, a novella and at least a dozen poems based on the Old Testament. This, he realized, could be a book. So he started soliciting additional work from his fellow Fobs and began building The Fob Bible. As it came together, he quickly realized that they were about to give birth to something truly virtuous, lovely, and praiseworthy.

After Elizabeth had made a bit of a name in the Mormon literature sphere and in ebook publishing, Eric approached her some time in late 2008 with a proposition that intrigued her and a project (The Fob Bible) she thought simply needed to exist, whether it made money or not. They virtually shook hands, made a “gentlemen’s agreement,” and voilà! A partnership was born. They generally describe Peculiar Pages as being B10’s imprint but that’s vaguely misleading as Peculiar Pages is Eric’s and B10 is Elizabeth’s.

B10 mainly provides author services and still only publishes Moriah Jovan titles. Since The Proviso, she has written and published Stay, Magdalene, Dunham, Paso Doble, We Were Gods, Black Jack, Lion’s Share, and “Twenty-Dollar Rag,” not to mention one entry, “Allow Me to Introduce Myself,” in Peculiar Pages’s Monsters & Mormons.

Peculiar Pages has a tiny but impressive list. Under Eric’s direction, it has done things that are extraordinary and important to Mormon literature: The Fob Bible, Out of the Mount, Fire in the Pasture, Monsters & Mormons, Dorian, States of Deseret, Seasons of Change, and Dove Song. Many of these works are now curriculum at BYU.

Elizabeth and Eric had intended to part company when each of their catalogs grew large enough so as not to look so pitifully small, but time has marched on, they haven't had a major fight yet, and they've gotten a lot less zealous about how things Should Be Done. Plus, they really don't feel like going to the trouble.