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Sometimes I sit on my email for a day or two. Or a week. I have to. I’m a one-chick shop and I have business-type work to take care of (what my dad called “housekeeping”), my own writing (cuz, you know, I R one), B10’s projects (or attempted projects), keeping up with ebook news and social media, occasional illness (seasonal sinus infection anyone?), and several formatting clients whose projects are going at any given time—and the projects for people who have already paid me to do the work come first.



People who’ve already paid come first.


That said, occasionally, I get an email that says, “Ya snooze, ya lose” when I don’t answer quickly enough. In fact, that’s exactly what one email said. And added that they found someone cheaper and faster.

Great. I don’t blame them.


The guy who said “ya snooze, ya lose” came back to me three weeks later to do his work because he was so unhappy with the result. (And sometimes they end up paying a rush surcharge.)

That happens a lot. Relatively. I would do the same for them.

Here’s the thing. Everybody wants fast, cheap, and good.

Can’t have it. At least, not from me. Pick any two.


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  3. Kent - Reply

    Great take on this! I agree with you. If people don’t want to do business with you because of this, then you are better off not having them as clients. I have walked away from a few people who really didn’t get this.

    Some people will promise all three and that’s great, I hope they can do it. Likely, they will for a while and then crash out.

    There’s a follow up to this that I want to explore too.

    Good insights!


  4. Elizabeth - Reply

    Thanks! I’m also getting better at gauging the potential PITA clients before I take them on.

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