State of the Shopping Cart Update

moneytreeAfter some unsatisfactory experiences with shopping carts for digital downloads, I came to Gumroad in early 2012, adopted it, and have been using it ever since …

Until now.

The real trouble began last year when I had a client who wanted a shopping cart and had multiple products. I was still loving Gumroad, so I put them on it and I monitor the account.

I have multiple products, too, but since all my customers had bought one copy of one title, I didn’t know there were two problems I couldn’t live with until my client’s wares started selling like hotcakes.

1. The merchant is listed as GUMROAD on the customer’s credit card statement. No one who bought from B10 Mediaworx complained, but plenty of my client’s customers complained. As a result, there were quite a few sale disputes.

2. There is no “add to cart” for digital products. No one who bought from B10 Mediaworx complained, but plenty of my client’s customers complained. They had to check out each time they bought a title. Can you imagine if you need all ten?

So I went on the hunt again and found this WordPress plugin: EasyDigitalDownloads [EDD] (in conjunction with Paypal).

The last WP shopping cart plugin I had broke every time WP had to update, and I had to reenter everything each time. As a result, I didn’t update WP. And I got hacked. Twice.

So I’m not going to say I’m in love with EDD, because I’ve been hurt so many times before, but so far it really has been easy and I have no complaints.

Furthermore, as an author-in-dire-need-of-marketing (Buy my books!) (Please!) (I need a finish nailer!), I’ve been exhorted (several times) to have a newsletter and a mailing list. To build this list, I have to go through six years’ worth of purchases and find every purchaser’s email. This can be done, but I haven’t got an intern, and my kids are learning how to keep house, which is more important to me anyway.

One of the things I like so far is how EDD monetizes itself. The nuts-and-bolts plugin is free, but there are add-ons you can purchase and one of them is MailChimp integration. I bought this one because I need it. I realized I needed this while I was combing through purchase records, before I found EDD.

If there’s a functionality that has ever been needed by any digital download cart anywhere ever, I have to assume EDD covered them all because I can’t think of one I could add to their page.

It did mean I had to go back to Paypal as my payment processor, but I’ve never really had an objection to doing so. I’ve never really liked that you get shipped off to Paypal and then shipped back, but they have the Paypal Pro and Paypal Express plugin for that, too.

My biggest concern, however, was the “add to cart” functionality for digital downloads, and that the actual merchant name shows up on the customer’s credit card statement.

And that is the latest update to my digital content delivery ecommerce on a shoestring series.

PS: I’m still in love with SquareUp, since I also have services for hire.

PPS: WP has updated twice since I started using EDD and it never broke.

PPPS: Here’s what the product page looks like: We Were Gods

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